Organic Lawn Care Service That's Safe for People Pets and the Planet

We take a proactive approach by enhancing the natural health and resistance to pests.  Our services are different from other providers because we use SafeTea, a living liquid biological amendment full of beneficial micro-organisms, to rehabilitate lifeless soils. These micro-organisms will jump start your soil’s ecosystem and leave you with naturally beautiful and sustainable results. 

A healthy green lawn is the focal point of most lawns in the Northeast.  Our Organic Lawn Care Service provides our clients with beautiful landscapes and piece of mind their lawns are safe for their family and community. ​  We offer services beyond just lawn care. From deeproot fertilization to organic tick management, we can service the other needs of your landscape organically!

We specialize in creating beautiful, healthy landscapes without relying on harsh pesticides and chemicals. A healthy soil is the foundation for any successful organic lawn care program. Our organic fertilizers and soil conditioners promote a healthy soil food web and create conditions conducive for healthy turf growth.

Don't your kids and pets deserve a SafeLawn?