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Overseeding (Broadcast seed)

Overseeding helps thicken the lawn and crowd out weeds.  Broadcasting seed after an aeration will improve soil contact, especially in the spaces where cores are removed.  Regular overseeding allows for the selection of newer seed varieties that may be more tolerant of stressors like drought, insects and disease,  keeps the grass stand young and lush.

Mahoney's SafeLawns Fall 3-Point Package

Fall is the best time to rejuvenate your lawn.  In early fall, cool nights and cooler day temps combined with already warmed soils, allow for speedy seed germination and ideal weather conditions to promote quick establishment of grass plants.  It is also a time when we begin to get more rain after the summer heat and less weed competition as many weeds are dying off.  

If you're feeling discouraged by your lawn, or if your landscape just needs a little extra pep, don't miss this important window of time to get your lawn back in shape and ready for spring.  Conditioning the soil, aeration, overseeding and composting are all important tasks to keep your lawn and landscape lush and healthy.

The 3 "Points" of our fall package include:

Core Aeration

This process helps reduce compaction by mechanically removing soil cores. This will improve soil structure and allows oxygen, water, and nutrients better access to the root zones of your plants. The cores remain on the surface and should be left to break down and return to the soil as nutrients. This is also a great time to top-dress with compost, apply soil conditioners and lime if needed.

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Top Dressing of Compost

An application of organic compost is typically done after the lawn is aerated and seed is broadcasted.  This material introduces rich organic matter to support the beneficial microorganisms in the soil and promote seed germination by keeping new seedlings evenly moist.

Some of the most important benefits of composting are  significant increases in the soil's ability to retain water, improvement in soil structure,  reduction in thatch and helps to neutralize the soil's pH.  It helps give your turf everything it needs to grow and thrive!