Our mission: to give you a beautiful, healthy, organic lawn that's safe for your kids, pets, wildlife and your footsies.

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We can also Beautify Your Landscape

Our Organic Lawn Care will Revitalize your Lawn

Our organic lawn care programs work to correct and condition your soil to create a healthy, thriving lawn naturally.  We use only 100% organic fertilizers in our programs, to provide the essential nutrients and minerals your lawn requires to be healthy and strong throughout the growing season; no bridge products or biosolids here.  Our trained professionals will work with you on proper cultural practices, as well as monitoring throughout the season for pest damage and make recommendations for treatment as necessary.

In addition to our Organic Lawn Care Programs we offer Organic Plant Healthcare, Fall Seeding and Consulting Services.

Plant Healthcare Services
Our Tree and Shrub services include but are not limited to: Winter Moth and Hemlock Wooly Adelgid management, Plant inspections to monitor and treat pest issues as they arise, deeproot and surface fertilization and Tick Management.

Fall Seeding Services
Our Fall Seeding Services include Slice Seeding, Core Aeration and Compost topdressing to name a few. For lawns with a history of grubs and grub damage, we can also develop management plans for treatments.

Consulting Services
For those who are interested in maintaining their lawns organically, but prefer to do the work themselves, we offer consulting services. We offer soil testing and recommendation packages, hourly site sessions, and customized programs.